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Sponsor a Project

Many homeless around Kupang city and many other places, including women and children are in horrible condition of living and are facing great challenges regarding their home-staying.

Thousands of families are living in a miserable shack houses with their children. And hundreds more are living in the streets for decades.

Our projects consist in:

  1. Setting up an estate housing of 2 rooms at least for 100 families before 2022.
  2. Setting up life-skills, Business and Entrepreneurship training Center to train and finance 5000 poor and less privileged people before June 2023.
  3. Implementation of community – based projects in agriculture, we within NTT Province and in some other provinces of Indonesia.
  4. Establishing in Rote Island, Malaka region, Soe TTS, Kefa TTU cleaning water and agricultural irrigation pump projects before 2022

During the charity mission trips of GLOBAL CARE IMPACT, Indonesia Team along with GLOBAL CARE IMPACT, Worldwide President, Rev. CHARLES MOSES MBRA, on the last 15th of March 2018 to Pulau Kera Island located in the eastern part of Indonesia for some series of activities with head families and all the children, we realized their deep needs.

Therefore, we have set to developing some projects in the area of SANITATION – HEALTHCARE – THE CHILDREN WELFARE – EDUCATION – WOMEN EMPOWERMENT:

  1. Building of 100 toilets latrines and provisions of dustbins.
  2. Setting up of a primary school from level 1 to level 6 ( first step of bringing formal education to the Island ).
  3. Business and agriculture projects training and financial sponsorship to the very poor women.
  4. Setting up of a community healthcare center.

Almost all the children in Sunkhani community are without care and school, in a very horrible living condition. People living there are without potable water and are very poor.

Therefore, GLOBAL CARE IMPACT is implementing school and child care programs, drilling and cleaning of water, as well as agricultural projects to eradicate the poverty in that community.

In this community there is so much needs, after our workshop with stakeholders on how to implement projects to eradicate poverty and develop the community. As  well as the setting up of education projects to save the children and all school dropout who are not going to school :

  1. Setting up an education center from primary to secondary (first stage)
  2. Setting up of an agriculture, business and life-skills training center for Community Economic Development….
  3. Cleaning of water program and irrigation pump.