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Reached out of a Very Poor, Desperate and Disadvantaged Background Community (Pasir Panjang – Indonesia)

GLOBAL CARE IMPACT, United States and Indonesia team reached out a very poor, desperate and disadvantaged background community (Pasir Panjang ), in Kupang city, in the eastern part of Indonesia, on Sunday 13 / 05 / 2018.

These poor and desperate people and families
have been staying in a horrible and poor condition of living for more than 12 years, with water, light, healthy food….where the children, even under 7 years are going on the street to sell news paper for daily survival.
There are about 25 head-families and more than 125 populations (man and women, including many children without schooling and without even taken a shower for days because of lack of water ), left behind and living in this terrible condition.

GLOBAL CARE IMPACT team along with our worldwide President, Rev. CHARLES MOSES MBRA, compassionately reached out Pasir Panjang community make many donation of goods, cloths, rice, cooking oil, health items, school items…and free medical checkup and care services. GLOBAL CARE IMPACT, moreover, Discussed with the Community , the way to completely solve their problems, by working together with the local government to facilitate their integration.
….And, as a result of this permanent solution, the city of Kupang ( capital of NTT Province, eastern part of Indonesia) will be clean, the kids will grow up healthy, and also it will reduce the Rural Exodus ( which is a heavy responsibility for the local government in Kupang)

Therefore, to the benefit of Pasir Panjang community, and many more, GLOBAL CARE IMPACT has designed a project of housing estate for each family and an ongoing program of micro-business and agricultural projects training. Then Financing them.



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