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Being called to preach the Gospel of the Lord JESUS-CHRIST to all creation, Teaching the Word of God and praying for the sick and infirmities, Rev. CHARLES MOSES MBRA, full with great love and compassion, spreads everywhere the Love and the Power of God, and Helping people, communities with poor and deplorable conditions.

However, the Man of God, always cries and weeps on the difficult conditions of the poor, less privileged people and disadvantaged background communities without healthcare, school, proper road, and without good income…. As well as the voiceless people who’s rights are abused. And told GOD that: “MY LORD AND GOD, THERE IS NO NEED FOR ME TO CONTINUE LIVING OR PREACHING IF I CAN NOT HELP PEOPLE AND COMMUNITY IN BAD AND DEPLORABLE CONDITION”.

One day, the Man of God, Rev.CHARLES MOSES MBRA, as walking down the street saw a group of students, coming from school, full of joy and very exciting… Looking at them, he started smiling and rejoicing with them, for they have people to stand by them for their education and taking care of them. But, suddenly, the Man of God broke up in tears, with great sadness in his heart, when he was thinking about Those with Nobody to care about them(because of many reasons), those with no one to take them to school or pushing them to finish their education, the less-privileged, voiceless, orphans and poor. And this same and similar heartbroken reaction kept on taking place, over and over, whenever he sees poor families or goes to disadvantaged backgrounds communities or sees an injustice social injustice against the voiceless and powerless people ( for he hates any form of injustice in human society)

Therefore, while continuing ministering the love and mercy of God, praying for the sick and using all his financial revenues to helping the needy and poor, in villages, towns, cities and nations, the humble and kindhearted Man of God, Rev. CHARLES with his great heart and mind towards every poor, less-privileged children, left-behind families and communities, was inspired by the Holy Spirit to establish an International foundation and NGO, regardless of race, religion and gender to solve the global society problems, in Education – Economy & Community Development – Healthcare Services – Charity and Human Rights.

.… Then, he shared his great dream of Transforming society and making great and positive Impact in nations, with some friends and Christian brothers & sisters who believed his great Dream.  …And, with the help and support of God, “GLOBAL CARE IMPACT” was founded.

Today, the Organization is Blessing, Helping, Defending, Impact and Transforming many people, families, communities and nations around the globe.