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Health is the Most Essential Substance of Life-freedom, Achievement and Prosperity.

Due to the fact that “Health is Wealth”, the access to adequate Healthcare Services has become a very important issue to be discussing about and taking ACTIONS to solve the healthcare problem in different  communities.

Many disadvantage backgrounds communities and undeveloped areas, in the world lack access to health clinics or medical care. In December 2017, Reuters Magazine reported that, On November 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) Affirm that half the world’s population can’t get basic health services. Which leads, every year, millions to death, especially children from Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Cancer…..

GLOBAL CARE IMPACT, with his Free Medical Care Team, along with stakeholders and affiliates, are working very hard, hand-in-hand to enforce holistic healthcare system with “Community-Base Focus”, capacity building intervention through Health Centers Establishment, to decrease and totally Eradicate child and maternal mortalities, HIV/aids, malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis and malnutrition.

We also, are outreaching to FREE Medical Intervention & Care in less-privileged and underserved communities and donating basic medical equipments and medicines to disabled medical centers around the globe.

Many women and young ladies are getting more contaminated with sickness related to smoke, and a large number dies every year. We therefore are Improving healthcare and preventing diseases caused by smoke fire, in rural areas, by HELPING and Teaching Local areas women how to build   “Smokeless stove”. And developing a “Biomass Coal Briquette Project” (Reducing and totally eradicating Charcoal production, which is damaging the environment and causing a climate change and many diseases), in needed localities.