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Education & Child Care

Education is the gateway of every bright future.

Every single child is a Star, a future great Leader to Serve, Impact and Transform his Community and nation.

Education is the gateway of every bright future for families, communities, and nations. And Every single child is a Star, a future great Leader to Serve, Impact and Transform his Community and nation.


Therefore, every child has equal Right to EDUCATION, CARE and PROTECTION…(We, that by the grace of God, are serving or leading, helping our community and nation, or communities and nations today, were once “THE CHILD WHO GOT THE CHANCE”).

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to go well with millions of children and young boys and girls (who are without education) across the entire globe. More than 72 million children of primary education age are not in school and 759 million adults are illiterate and don’t even have the awareness necessary to improve the living conditions of their children and theirs. We have around 58 million children who don’t have a school to go to. And according to a new data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics ( UIS), globally, more than 263 Million Children and youth are out of school. 65 million of them are girls who are not in school, and 17 million of those girls have never set a foot in a classroom in their lifetime.

In some counties, especially in many developing and poorest countries in the world, many children are not going to school and many boys and girl especially are out of school, due to so many reasons : “Because there is no schoolroom for them, because  they have disabilities, because their countries are poor, because they are from very poor background families, because of poor sanitation, because of natural disasters, because of Lack of teachers, because they are a child labourers, because they live in war / terrorism zones, because they have being discriminated, because of traditional child marriage. In some countries, because they are girls, they don’t have the right to step into a classroom ( due to their tradition and / or religion belief). And their governments can’t do or/and are not doing much to solve this issue of lack of Education”.

Today, many of us are very proud of some students or people, because of the fact that they have Smart Brain and are achieving or fixing things for our human society…  But the Questions are :

Could those students or people will know and discover that they are smart or intelligent if a “CHANCE TO EDUCATION” was not giving to them? Can we be proud and benefit from their smart brain that has been developed to beautiful and simplify our living in this human society, if they didn’t get any Education to SHARPENING their Brain?

So, How can the poor and less-privileged child, with Great Brain will know he is intelligent or super smart and how Can they develop their Intellect, how can these poor children and their families and their communities and their countries will overcome lack and poverty, how will we (the society) Benefit from any smarter brain, if We Neglect or are looking down upon them (because they have no one standing for them), without Giving them EQUAL Chance to Education?

Knowing that, Every Single Human Beings was Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by God, “GLOBAL CARE IMPACT-Worldwide” Family, therefore, does believe that, All children are born with EQUAL Values….But, today, the Large Difference between them is the CHANCE to Education and Total Care (which results to Knowledge of how to fulfill his personal dream, the dream of his community and nation) each one of them can get in his lifetime.

These Facts enumerated, dragged the Full Compassion of GLOBAL CARE IMPACT Educational Team to FIGHT for the poor and less-privileged children across the globe to get Right Education! Therefore, to reach our goal, We proceed with the Formal and Non-formal Education :

Literally, a formal education is a formally recognized formal education is an organized, guided educational system with a formal curriculum ( from primary to University or college degree) that leads to a formally recognized credential such a high school completion diploma or a degree, and is often guided and recognized by government at some level. And Teachers and Lectures are trained as professional.

To compassionately help the poor and less-privileged children, Our Education Team, with the collaboration of stakeholders and community leaders, is working very hard to collecting all financial-disabled and less-privileged children (physical-disable as well), school dropout children and young students from disadvantaged backgrounds families, then Sending them to school / University or College and Caring for them.

We therefore, are Establishing different schools and education center ( with an international high standard education’ system ), Based on our New System of Education ( Named: Living Reformed Educational System with a Special Brain-designed System…to great educational Impact, Consisting in training the child or the student from Kindergarten to University/College, according to his / her ASPIRATION, Dream and/or Inner-Abilities, Potential).

We also work in partnership with Public and Private educational institutions to enforce the educational system in communities around the globe where there is a need, Improving educational facilities and the overall standard of education, Providing educational materials and resources.

We are also doing child & students (to obtain a free scholarship in world top rank Universities) Sponsorship and Advocating program for the poor and less-privileged. We provide education tools and materials to disadvantaged background schools and universities, in order to equip them to better education, anywhere there is a need.

We are moreover, interconnecting schools, universities Officials, Professors, Lectures for Share of Knowledge and Experiences…to boost up the educational system of many disadvantage backgrounds schools and universities, to be able to establish a world class standard of education even in very poor communities. As well as, organizing some special events and/or talk show, in public or private educational institutions, sharing great values and motivation, to children and students.

The Non-formal education became part of the international discourse on education policy, in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It can be seen as related to the concepts of recurrent and lifelong learning. Non-formal education is about “Acknowledging the importance of education, learning and training which take place outside recognized educational institution”. It is also defined as Life-skills training.  We have 5 characteristics that differ the Non-formal education from the Formal one :

  •   Relevance to the needs of disadvantaged groups
  •   Concern with specific categories of people
  •   Have a specific focus on clearly defined purposes
  •   Has flexible methods and orientation
  •   Does not need any institutional approval or any specific qualification

Therefore, we come to clear understanding that, Non-formal Education is : Any organized educational activity, outside the established formal system ( which is hierarchically structured and chronologically graded “education system”, running from primary or kindergarten school through the university and including, in addition to general academic studies, a variety of specialized programmes and institutions for full-time technical and professional training) that can train and develop every individual to improve their Knowledge, skills, values  and competences, from a personal , civic, social and occupational point of view. So they may Serve their life-purpose and , their community and society…. Non-formal education is also known as “Life-Skills Training Education”. We, therefore are establishing “Skills & Knowledge Training Centers”, everywhere it is needed.

GLOBAL CARE IMPACT, in every educational form will, Trains the Children and people, based on God Great Values. So, they will move their life and carrier and achievements according to the Will and Word of God.