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Youth & Women Empowerment

Youth & Women Empowerment

Empowering Youth and Women

We are working to Empowering Youth and Women, in different communities, in various areas of empowerment. Many of today’s youth are facing profound challenges and life-broken experience ranging from being marginalized….And, as a result of Lack of opportunities, a large number of young men and ladies have got themselves in vulnerability to exploitation  : commercial sex workers, rebel child soldiers, violent gangs, arm robberies, drug addicting  & trafficking….

GLOBAL CARE IMPACT is offering to the youth and also women the opportunity to have access to Better Education, Life-Skills, Leadership & Entrepreneurship Training, Financial assistance & Mentorship, and Reorientation.

More than 1.4 billion people in the world are living in extreme poverty and lack. And, Women and girls make up the majority. That is why GLOBAL CARE IMPCT Family is committed to stand for women and girls, fighting for their freedom and ensure of great change and transformation in their lives.

We are moreover, standing as an Economic ADVOCATE and Advisor to provide LINKING Partnership between Investors and local Governments and Institutions to PROMOTE Community-Base Development.