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Community Economy Development (CED)

Standing for Family & Community Economy Growth (CEG) and Community-Development Programs (CDP ):

GLOBAL CARE IMPACT Big Family, with his Economic & Community Development Team, is compassionately Promoting, on different economic models and Economic Growth Planning, such as: Home-Base economy, Rural Economic Development (Farming modernization from every angle, Agriculture, local-regional business setup, life-skills Training with financial empowerment,…). We therefore, are promoting sustainable Community Economic Development (CED), on local, regional and national level…for community-economy growth and independence of disadvantaged communities around the globe.

In the world, 1,2 billion people are without access to home power electricity. And more than 2,7 billion people are without clean and secure cooking facilities. Moreover, a large number of communities in developing countries lack access to good road, or don’t have one, which is one major factor of economy setback and have negative impact on rural people…………Therefore, GLOBAL CARE IMPACT, with his compassionate heart , develops plans and projects, along with local and community leaders to remediate this miserable condition of living. We are training community leaders to improve leadership and sustainable resource management.