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We are Bringing Hand-supports and Hope to People and Communities in Need.

GLOBAL CARE IMPACT Charity Team, goes further to provide Charity Support Programs.

Charity - Kupang
  • We are bringing Hope to the homeless people, Caring for them, providing houses for them, and empowering them with entrepreneurship knowledge Training and life-skills training.
  • Supporting Orphanages, Elderly and physical disabled people in need.
  • We are intervening in Disaster Relief issues and contribute to emergency response.
  • Giving a Helping hand supports to drugs addict people by ministering to them to overcome this Lust. As well as servicing the prisoners and their families in need. We do believe that crime and drugs addictions are not only moral and physical problem but also spiritual problem. Many people, out of distorted character values, make senseless decisions and choices that lead to harmful action and reaction that land to total destruction.

For this reason, our Charity Help team is not only focusing on the physical aspect solution only, but emphasizing more on genuine and long lasting solution that brings Change and TOTAL Transformation from inside out, through the Preaching and the teaching of the Word of God. We present to them, the Lord JESUS CHRIST the only one who can break forth a change in One’s life. And assist Prisoners and share the Word of God with them, and children whose parents in prison ( spiritually, morally and financially).