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Author: admin

GLOBAL CARE IMPACT team in Nepal ( Asia ) visited Sunkhani Community in Nepal to start a child care and scholarship projects on 15th of June 2018. Almost all the children in Sunkhani community are without care and school, in a very horrible living condition. People living there are without potable water and are very poor. Therefore, GLOBAL CARE IMPACT […]
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GLOBAL CARE IMPACT Team in Burundi ( Africa continent ), on the 12th of June 2018 visited a very poor and disadvantaged community in Ntahangwa in Burundi, with a population, around 3,847 in a very deplorable living condition, especially difficult for children. More than 750 children are not in school and more than 500 of them have never set their […]
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GLOBAL CARE IMPACT, United States and Indonesia team reached out a very poor, desperate and disadvantaged background community (Pasir Panjang ), in Kupang city, in the eastern part of Indonesia, on Sunday 13 / 05 / 2018. These poor and desperate people and families have been staying in a horrible and poor condition of living for more than 12 years, […]
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GLOBAL CARE IMPACT, Indonesia Team along with GLOBAL CARE IMPACT, Worldwide President, Rev. CHARLES MOSES MBRA, last 15 March 2018, visited Pulau Kera Island located in the eastern part of Indonesia for some series of activities with head families and all the children. Pulau Kera is a small Island with desperate and very poor living of its habitants. Over 400 […]
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